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Connaught Hall’s Warden, Adrian Clark. Adrian is responsible for welfare, pastoral care, discipline, conflict resolution, and community & social life in Hall. He is also a full-time emergency physician at University College London Hospitals (UCLH). Hall residents can drop in to speak with Adrian at his open office sessions — times advertised at — no appointment necessary.

I’m the #photographer for all the staff #portraits that we put up in reception at @connaughthall. But as the Warden of the Hall, I also need my picture on the wall…. So I was pleased with this #selfportrait #camera #setup, using my #iPad to look through the #viewfinder on my #Canon #EOS5DmkIII. Being able to see where you are in the frame reduces the number of attempts required from about 50 to about 3 :) (at Connaught Hall)

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